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Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about the capabilities of the machines, we are a manufacturer, which means we can offer affordable solutions for your workshop in every situation. Our customers range from small garages to aircraft manufacturers. We adhere to quality standards in all situations. PGCNC TEAM

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Polska Grupa CNC ul. Tadeusza Kościuszki 57 37-415 Zaleszany
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PGCNC was founded as a family enterprise. The founders work in the company every day, personifying the continuity, durability and stability of the company. The commitment of engineers and designers, the willingness to develop, the presence of industry events in combination with trust, which more and more customers provides us, makes the Polish CNC group an important supplier of machine tools in Poland and Europe in a short time. Looking for a reliable and efficient machinery supplier? Our clients choose us for several reasons. Firstly, we offer unbeatable accuracy in our machines at maximum load and speed, all at an affordable price point. We also keep spare parts in stock at all times, ensuring that any necessary parts are shipped out immediately. Our service response time is lightning-fast, with a maximum wait of just one hour. Plus, we use WhatsApp to discuss machine-related topics, eliminating any intermediaries and reducing transfer time to zero. Finally, we only use certified spare parts, ensuring that even machines built five years ago are still up to modern standards. Choose PGCNC machines for quality manufacturing you can count on. In the financial aspect, the company is focused on long -term growth. Our development is financed by our own resources, due to which we are independent of external financing by banks, securities or investors focused only on profit. All this creates a safe and trusting environment for customers and employees and guarantees that our development is combined with continuity and innovation. Having decided to cooperate with us, you support the development of new technologies and contribute to the development of Polish industry.
PGCNC: " Dear Niko, why You choose us? " NIKO: " Quality, price and your service"
I was initially hesitant about purchasing machines online, but my experience with your service was nothing short of outstanding! The delivery and installation process was incredibly fast and efficient, and the 2030ATC model I received was exactly as described on your website.
I'm thoroughly impressed with the machine's accuracy and speed – it's been a game-changer for my business. Thank you for providing such an exceptional product and service!


We are friends with nature, if you take a closer look at how our machines are made, you will see that there is not a single extra detail in them. It is very important for us to save nature, as well as your wallets.


Our managers are always happy to help. They are always online and ready to answer any of your questions, assist with choosing, and support you if in problems.